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Amber Schaefer, Owner & Photographer

After graduating from Belton HS in 2000, I met my husband, Travis Schaefer. He proposed after only 26 days of dating & this year we celebrate 14 years of marriage. We currently live just outside of Troy, on a peaceful 10 acre plot of land that we love. Together we have 1 1/2 dogs and a cat (my friends won't let me count my Chihuahua as a whole dog). I was blessed with a very supportive husband. He usually assists with my photoshoots, so if you see near me a manly guy holding a big light diffuser, that's him! He's a tremendous blessing to me; I couldn't ask for a better best friend & soulmate!

My husband and I  are involved in various forms of public service, but one exciting way we serve is by leading a storm chasing team, Severe Storm Recon Team. We 'storm chase' across many states, but we also storm spot for our local area. To view our live video feed while we're out storm chasing, go Here.

I am an outdoor and studio portrait photographer. I am always looking for new locations at which to shoot, but I also enjoy having sessions in my comfortable home studio. Whether you desire traditional or modern photography, I'm confident we can put our minds together and exceed your expectations.

As a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), you may expect professionalism from me. This in no way means our shoot will be rigid or boring. Most of my clients leave our shoot saying, "I didn't expect to laugh so much!" This is especially true of shoots involving children. My husband and I make as many goofy faces and noises as it takes to see your child's beautiful smile through my lens. If I can get a smile from a 3yr old with a double ear infection (true story), then I'm confident we can do well with your children!

As for my composition and posing style, I tend to lean more toward natural posing. I find that men/dads are most appreciative of this approach. If you are uncomfortable, you won't enjoy your shoot, and I want us all to have a good time. I can, however, recreate specific poses for you or use more traditional posing guides if that is what you desire. These will be images you cherish for a lifetime, so I strive to make each client happy with the image results.

If you would like to choose me as your photographer, please fill out a booking request & I'll get back with you ASAP. I look forward to seeing you through my lens!